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  Rockin’ Chair Park started in Shepherd, Michigan around the mid 1950’s. It was built near a city park, so many customers remember the store from playing nearby. When US-127 was built, it bypassed the city, so the original owners decided to build a new store in Houghton Lake in 1958 and changed the name to Rockin’ Chair Gift Shop. They also moved several buggies, a horse drawn hearse, and some outdoor decorations along with the move. The current owner’s family bought the store in 1965, with the second generation taking over in 1995.

The outside sights and attractions have been up kept to look the same after all these years. Customers have told us stories about how each generation of families get their pictures taken at the store’s attractions every year just as they did when they were younger. While the merchandise has changed through the years, the iconic look to the Rockin’ Chair Gift Shop has not.

3881 W. Houghton Lake Dr.
Houghton Lake, MI 48629 

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